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Covid-19 isolation impacted women more

Date: 26 December 2020 Tags: Reports & Indices


A study in Canada has found that women are suffering more than men during the months of Covid-19 isolation.



The findings are based on an online survey of 573 Canadians between March 23 and June 7. It also looks at the difference in age to find a common trend.



  • At the time of the online survey, schools and many businesses were closed, and people stayed home as much as possible as part of a general lock down to prevent transmission of the virus.

  • Women experienced poorer sleep and more anxiety, depression and trauma, while also feeling more empathetic than men. 

  • More than 66% of the survey participants reported poor quality of sleep, more than 39% reported increased symptoms of insomnia, and anxiety and distress were increased in the whole sample. Sleep, depression and anxiety symptoms were more prevalent in women.

  • Their symptoms worsened over time and with greater length of the isolation period. There was a progressive increase in anxiety, depression, poor sleep quality and trauma for males and females.

  • The study also found that women reported higher scores on a scale measuring empathy, the ability to understand the emotions of others and to care for others.

  • The greater empathy was, however, associated with greater anxiety, depression and trauma.

  • The authors speculate women's greater concern and anxiety in relation to being caregivers reflects differences in gender roles and norms.

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