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Covid-19 impact on pregnancy outcomes

Date: 03 April 2021 Tags: Reports & Indices


The Covid pandemic has worsened the pregnancy outcomes for mothers and babies, according to a study.



Covid-19 situation has impacted all sections of the society. The vulnerable groups such as senior citizens and pregnant women were at the receiving end.



  • An analysis of data showed increase in stillbirth and maternal mortality rates by approximately one-third during the pandemic compared pre Covid-19 levels.

  • Detailed data showed that the chances of a stillbirth itself increased by more than a quarter when compared with pre-pandemic instances.

  • There was also a high risk of mothers dying during pregnancy or childbirth by more than a third compared with pre-pandemic levels.

  • The study also indicated that the chances of adverse outcomes were much higher in low- and middle-income countries.

  • The major reason for fatality of pregnant women was the delay in seeking care. The complications in pregnancy and Covid-attributed death rate also grew.

  • There is no mechanism for keeping a count on still birth at community levels. This has prevented targeting vulnerable groups.

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