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Lemru Elephant reserve

Date: 15 July 2021 Tags: National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary


The Chhattisgarh forest department has asked officials to make provisions for decreasing area under the proposed Lemru Elephant reserve.



The Lemru reserve has been in the development phase since the past 20 years. Several leaders of the ruling party have also opposed the decreasing of area.



  • The proposed Lemru elephant reserve is present in Korba district of the state. It was unanimously proposed in 2005 and received approval by central government in 2007.

  • It is one among the two Elephant reserves that have been planned in the state for reducing conflict with humans. Elephants in this region move in from Jharkhand and Odisha.

  • The reserve is part of the Elephant corridor between Lemru, Badalkhol and Tamorpingla areas of the state. If all these areas are not connected then the reserve will not serve its purpose.


Reasons for reducing area of the reserve

  • The area under the reserve falls under Hasdeo Aranya forests, which has large coal deposits. Earlier these were not allotted to anyone but now some blocks have been leased.

  • Earlier too there were demands to stop the reserve so that coal can be obtained. If reserve is notified, many coal blocks will become unusable.


Man animal conflict

  • Chhattisgarh is relatively new for elephants and also people, as they started moving in from Odisha and Jharkhand.

  • This has intensified conflict between humans and elephants. The reserve has the potential to conserve the species.


Other elephant reserves

Another reserve known as Badalkhol Tamorpingla was notified in 2011. The sanctuary has begun functioning but the elephant reserve has not yet come up.

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