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Buxa tiger reserve

Date: 14 December 2021 Tags: National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary


 A Royal Bengal tiger was sighted for the first time in 23 years in Buxa tiger Reserve situated in West Bengal.



The tiger reserve is located in the Alipurduar district in north Bengal, which shares contiguous range of the protected area with Bhutan.



  • The state forest department managed to capture the image of the tiger in a camera trap set up in East Damanpur range of the tiger reserve.

  • It is said that increase in forest density and also prey base such as deer attracted tigers to the reserve from adjoining Bhutan.

  • Following the capture of image on the camera trap, a team of wildlife experts have reached Buxa to confirm the presence.



  • Forest department denies that there were no tigers in the reserve from the last 23 years. They say that pictorial evidence of tiger was not obtained but signs were there.

  • Recently, pug marks were found along the banks of the river. The presence was confirmed after the image was captured on a camera trap. The entry points to the reserve have now been closed.


Changes made

  • The forest department has tried hard to increase forest density in the area along with introduction of herd of deer.

  • The movement of humans in the core area of the reserve was restricted. As a result, tiger returned from Bhutan.


Criticism of Buxa

  • The tiger survey has found no tigers in the reserve. The reserve was criticized for its lack of infrastructure.

  • There was a proposal to bring tigers from Kaziranga in Assam, which could not be materialized as a result of pandemic.


Buxa Tiger Reserve

The Buxa Tiger Reserve was created as the 15th tiger reserve in India in 1983. It shares its boundaries with Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary of Bhutan.

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