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WHO warns against easing Covid-19 curbs

Date: 09 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


WHO has warned countries to not lift their Covid-19 restriction prematurely and take precaution to prevent another wave of the infection.



Many countries have removed the curbs and people have been not following Covid-19 protocols. New variants such as lambda and delta plus are threatening.



  • The organization says that similar incidence had taken place last year and the people had to pay the price for premature relaxation.

  • The warning has come after it was widely reported that England would be removing restrictions completely, including wearing masks and social distancing.

  • The delta variant has been increasing its presence throughout the globe including UK, where cases have started to rise again.

  • US cases have also been majority of delta variant. President Biden had already announced that restrictions may be removed completely in coming days.

  • There are fears that this was too early considering only 47 percent of its population has been completely inoculated.


Delta variant as worry

  • Delta variant is becoming dominant in countries such as UK, Fiji, Bangladesh, Australia etc. It is one of the most transmissible variety.

  • Without vaccination or preventive measures, a virus carrier has the ability to infect at least 5 more people. This variant is 55 percent more transmissible than Alpha variant.

  • Vaccines are not 100 percent effective against the delta strain. The vaccine can prevent symptoms from aggravating.

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