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T cells help blood cancer patients fight Covid

Date: 01 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A new research has found that blood cancer patients with higher CD8 T cells are more likely to survive Covid-19 infection in comparison to those without these cells.



Cancer treatment involves radiation and chemo therapy that usually results in depletion of anti-bodies.



  • The team studied cancer patients with both solid tumours and hematologic forms to better understand the immunity to infection and vulnerability to Covod-19 deaths.

  • The profiling of blood showed that patients with blood cancer had lower B cells and antibodies compared to those with solid cancer and non cancer, leading to more chances of death.

  • Those suffering from blood cancer and having higher CD8 T cell counts had 3.6 times more chances of survival compared to lower counts.

  • The research is significant because the current mRNA vaccines provide immunity through antibody and T cell responses that can be used to protect blood cancer patients.

  • It also provides a conclusion that CD8 T may be reason for antibody protection when B cells and natural antibodies are deficient.

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