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Symptoms of Omicron

Date: 24 December 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The Omicron variant of Coronavirus is spreading fast across the globe. There are fears about the impact of the virus on our health infrastructure.



The Omicron variant emerged through a mutation in South Africa. Initial studies have shown that the virus has more infection capabilities.



The existing PCR and rapid antigen tests are able to detect Coronavirus but they are not able to distinguish the variant.


New data on symptoms

  • Initial studies on South Africans have shown that omicron often develop a scratchy or sore throat along with nasal congestion, a dry cough and muscle pain, especially low back pain.

  • It is believed that the symptoms of omicron resemble the symptoms of delta variant. It is because of overlap of genetic material.

  • Vaccinated omicron patients have headaches, body aches and fever. Unvaccinated people have shortness of breath, cough and flulike symptoms.


Possible changes

  • There are low chances of Omicron variant causing loss of smell and taste in victims. Only 23% of patients infected with Omicron suffered loss of these sense.

  • Omicron variant has a shorter incubation period. It takes as few as three days for them to develop symptoms.

  • Omicron infected individuals in South Africa are less likely to be admitted to intensive care units. It was about 29% lower.

  • Children are said to have mild symptoms and they were 20% more likely to be hospitalized in comparison to first wave.

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