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South Korea bans high beat songs for gym goers

Date: 15 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


South Korean authorities have banned gym goers from listening to music which has more than 120 beats per min (bpm).



South Korea is struggling to contain rise of infections. The authorities are taking measures to prevent occurrence of a fourth wave.



Treadmill users have been told to keep their speed below 6 kmph and group activities such as Zumba and aerobics have to be conducted in music below 120 bpm.


Reasons behind bizarre move

  • Authorities say that individuals listening to music beyond 120 bpm will increase the intensity of exercise, which will generate more respiratory droplets.

  • These respiratory droplets increase the chances of infecting other individuals. People have termed this as a bizarre move.

  • The criticism also says that individuals listen to music from their own devices and it is impossible to restrict their choice of music.


Beats per minute (bpm)

It is an indication of speed of a music track. It tells how fast music is playing and the tempo of its flow. A 100 bpm track means that there are 100 beats in 1 minute of the music.


Relation between exercise and music

  • Several competitions have prevented athletes from listening to music during official race to prevent competitive edge.

  • Strain inducing exercise such as running and walking is usually accompanied by music with high beats as it reduces the perceived strain. It distracts them from tiredness and pushes them further.

  • Slow music in range of 95-100 bpm is not preffered by exercising individuals. Higher the intensity of exercise, faster is the tempo.

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