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Soberana 2

Date: 14 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Indigenously developed Soberna 2 vaccine of Cuba is found to be 91 percent effective when delivered with Soberna plus booster dose against covid-19 infection.



Cuba will become the first country in Latin America to develop an indigenous vaccine to tackle against Covid-19.



  • At present, clinical trials have been conducted on its own population. It is also the first Conjugate vaccine against Covid-19.

  • The vaccine will be given in three doses. Two doses are regular ones while the third one is booster dose and known as Soberna plus.

  • The vaccines will have a 28 day interval between two doses. Soberna 2 is one among many vaccines that are currently being tested in the country.

  • All the vaccines under study are protein based. They do not contain virus but only proteins derived from virus that binds to cells and generates immune response.

  • The vaccine is considered unique due to its conjugate nature. It makes use of deactivated tetanus to combine with binding domain of SARS CoV-2 to increase immune response.


Working of conjugate vaccine

  • In conjugate vaccine, a weak antigen will be attached to a strong type of antigen to generate a stronger immune response.

  • This is done because in some cases, the body does not generate a strong response against a weak antigen.

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