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Russia sets up telescope under Lake Baikal

Date: 20 March 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Russian scientists have installed one of the biggest underwater telescopes to make space observations deep from the waters.



Lake Baikal is the world’s deepest lake and is a very good spot to make observations in terms of space matters.



  • The underwater telescope has been under construction since 2015 and is intended to observe neutrinos, which is one of the smallest known particles.

  • The telescope has been named Baikal-GVD and is submerged to a depth of 750-1,300 meters inside the lake’s waters. It is situated at a distance of four kilometres from the lake's shore. 

  • The floating observatory will consist of strings along with spherical glass and stainless steel modules attached to them.

  • The Baikal observatory will be similar to the Ice Cube observatory of the US, which has been set up deep under the ice of Antarctica.

  • The telescope will be a collaboration between scientists from countries like Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Russia and Slovakia.



  •  Neutrinos are nearly mass-less subatomic particles having no electrical charge. They are present everywhere but difficult to detect.

  • This is because they interact weakly with the forces around them, making it challenging for them to be identified.

  • Since they are hard to detect, water acts as an effective medium for doing so.

  • Neutrino detectors are constructed underground so as to protect them from cosmic rays and other sources of interference.

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