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Petition to stop Jeff Bezos from returning to Earth

Date: 25 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Large number of people have signed various online petitions to prevent Amazon founder Jeff Bezos from returning to Earth after his maiden space flight.



Bezos and his brother Mark will be among the first human passengers aboard the New Shephard spacecraft mission by Blue Origin.



  • Two new petitions have emerged on platform that says that Bezos has to be prevented from coming back as no billionaires should exist on Earth.

  • The other petition says that Bezos is an evil overlord, who is planning on global domination and will seek to control the whole humanity.


Space mission

  • Bezos will be part of first human space mission of his company Blue Origin. This mission is undertaken to mark 52nd anniversary of Apollo mission.

  • Bezos will be accompanied by his brother Mark and an unknown passenger, who had won the seat through an online auction for $28 million. The amount will be donated to charity.

  • Blue origin is one of the many private space companies that are starting operations. They intend to allow private citizens visit space for leisure and tourism.

  • It says that humanity needs to expand to preserve Earth. It also demands for more exploration mission to locate resources and energy for future.

  • The company is working towards developing technology that is safer and cheaper. They intend to use re-usable rockets.

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