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Peter Pan syndrome

Date: 24 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A court has given bail to an accused of molesting a 14 year old girl citing that they were involved romantically and there was no use of force as alleged.



  • The accused had claimed that he suffered from a unique condition known as ‘Peter Pan syndrome’ that had made him to commit such actions.

  • Peter Pan is a character created by Scottish author James Matthew Barrie. It describes a boy who lives a carefree life and never grows up.

  • The character is shown to take adventures to meet fairies, pirates and mermaids along with his friend Wendy.

  • It is said that people indulging in such a lifestyle, where they live carefree and don’t take adult responsibilities, are termed as suffering from ‘Peter Pan syndrome’.

  • The Peter pan syndrome is not considered a health disorder by WHO but it is believed to be a mental condition that can affect quality of life.



  • It is a syndrome that affects work ethics, relationship, daily routine and attitudinal changes. There is no clear definition or reasons for it.

  • They are termed as individuals with the body of an adult but mind of a child. They like to continue as children and do not want to take responsibility as a father or mother.

  • Any individual can be affected by the syndrome regardless of race, gender or culture. It is more common among men than women.

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