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Mysterious light in Gujarat night skies

Date: 24 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Mysterious lights were visible in the night skies of several cities of Gujarat such as Junagadh, Upleta and several other towns and cities in Saurashtra.



Citizens have been excited as well as concerned at the same time looking at those lights in the sky.



  • Residents first heard a loud boom in night followed by falling of the burning object. The objects burned out before it hit the ground.

  • Several witnesses assume that it could have been a fighter aircraft of the Indian Air Force that had taken off from Jamnagar airbase.

  • Defence spokespersons have not reported any military exercise and sorties. This has created further excitement among people.

  • The most likely explanation appears to be that the mysterious lights were aircraft flares deployed by fighter aircraft to avoid missiles.

  • This was further strengthened by looking at the videos. There was also a sonic boom in the area, indicating presence of fighter aircrafts.

  • However, officials have claimed that lights seen in the video were not those originating from aircraft engine or flares deployed by them. No probe has been ordered yet.

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