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Mosquirix malaria vaccine

Date: 08 October 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


 The World Health Organisation (WHO) has endorsed RTS,S/ASO1 (RTS.S) vaccine, better known as Mosquirix.



Mosquirix is the only vaccine till now to show efficacy against reducing malaria, and life-threatening severe malaria in children.



  • The vaccine has been tested among children of Africa. The vaccine targets P. falciparum, the most deadly malaria parasite globally.

  • Initial studies showed that the vaccine was able to prevent approximately 4 in 10 cases of malaria over a 4-year period.

  • The vaccine has received very favourable response from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and becomes the first malaria vaccine to complete the clinical development process.

  • Currently, countries such as Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi have included the vaccine in their childhood immunization programmes to provide protection against the deadly disease.

  • Along with other methods, this vaccine can be administered in areas where malaria is highly seasonal and spreads over a short period.



The malaria vaccine should be administered in a schedule of 4 doses in children from 5 months of age. It will enhance the already existing malaria toolkit.


Malaria burden

  • Malaria is a parasitic disease that is caused due to biting of female Anopheles mosquitoes. The disease is life-threatening.

  • Children below the age of five years are most vulnerable to disease. They account for 67% of all malaria deaths worldwide.


Malaria-free countries

Number of countries becoming malaria-free is gradually increasing. A country has to record at least 3 consecutive years of zero indigenous cases of malaria to get certification of malaria elimination.


Recent countries

  • United Arab Emirates (2007)

  • Morocco (2010)

  • Turkmenistan (2010)

  • Armenia (2011)

  • Sri Lanka (2016)

  • Kyrgyzstan (2016)

  • Paraguay (2018)

  • Uzbekistan (2018)

  • Algeria (2019)

  • Argentina (2019)

  • El Salvador (2021)

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