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Mobile phones act as reserves for virus

Date: 02 May 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous


A new study has warned that mobile phones could be acting as “Trojan horses” for coronavirus. It found that phones host a cocktail of live germs.



While all those studies predate the current pandemic, the authors said SARS-CoV2 is probably present on mobiles and other touch-screen devices of coronavirus sufferers.



  • The research found that 68% of the phones sampled in these studies were contaminated. Golden staph and E. coli microbes were among the most common bugs on phones.

  • Researchers recommended that phones should be decontaminated daily and regularly with either 70% isopropyl or by sanitising with (ultraviolet) devices like PhoneSoap.

  • The systematic review found golden staph and E.Coli microbes were among the most common bugs on phones. According to the researchers, mobile devices were ‘five-star hotels with premium heated spas, free buffet for microbes to thrive on’.

  • According to the researchers, community transmission could occur when an infected person touched their phone and then a pole on a bus which was grasped by an elderly person.

  • The wider research community needs to do more work here to find out exactly what types of microbes can live on a phone and for how long, so that people understand the risk of this thing they carry around with them every day.

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