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Mixing different Covid-19 vaccines

Date: 13 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A new study by ICMR has found that mixing Covaxin and Covishield vaccine gives better immunity and also safe.



Studies have been conducted worldwide to know if cocktail of vaccines can be safe and effective in preventing infections.



  • Covaxin is an inactivated whole virus vaccine whereas Covishield is an adenovirus vector platform-based vaccine, making it two different platform vaccines.

  • Experts say that mixing vaccine should not be random but based on evidences obtained after carrying out detailed study.


The study

  • The study was undertaken purely based on a mistake that took place in Uttar Pradesh. Beneficiaries had been given Covaxin as second dose after getting Covishield as the first.

  • The ICMR compared immune response of these beneficiaries with that of others who got two doses of Covishield and two doses of Covaxin.


Reasons behind the findings

  • The results are only preliminary as the data was collected from only 18 individuals who were victims of the mix-up.

  • The theoretical explanation for the study does not exist but the result is an indication that combination doses are not inferior to doses of same vaccine.


Global trend

  • AstraZeneca has updated its guidelines to say that mRNA vaccines, Pfizer or Moderna, can be used as second dose if AstraZeneca is not available.

  • Companies have not studied the combination effects of vaccine as they want two does of their vaccine sold. Their focus has been on their product.

  • It is recommended that if the first dose of vaccine induces anti-body response then the second dose could involve T cell response in form of DNA or vector vaccines.

  • Many countries had witnessed blood clotting in young population due to use of AstraZeneca vaccine. They had recommended vector vaccines as second dose.

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