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Meteor that killed dinosaur created Amazon

Date: 05 April 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The catastrophic asteroid impact that wiped out dinosaurs and 75% of plants and animal species gave rise to Amazon rainforest.



Dinosaurs ruled Earth millions of years ago. Their dominance ended when an asteroid stuck Earth near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.



  • The research was based on analysis of thousands of samples of fossils of spores, pollen and leaves obtained from the area.

  • The asteroid impact had a large effect on formation of tropical rainforests. The impact completely changed the evolutionary condition of the growth.

  • The number of cone bearing plants declined after the impact. They were replaced by seed bearing angiosperms that were thicker.


Relation between forests and asteroid impact

  • The dinosaurs feasted on the plants and trees growing in the region, preventing it from growing thick and tall.

  • Post the asteroid impact and subsequent death of dinosaurs, the plants did not have disadvantage of trampling and feeding by the large herbivores.

  • Another explanation is that the flying ash from the impact increased the fertility of the soil. It helped forests to grow faster and thicker.

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