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Low testosterone links to severe Covid risk in men

Date: 28 May 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A new study has provided evidence that has linked low level of testosterone hormone to severe covid-19 risks in men.



Scientists have been trying to find the reasons for high death risk for men with covid-19 in comparison to women. Many such studies have indicated hormonal difference.



  • Earlier studies had stated that high testosterone was the reason for more risk of severe Covid to men in comparison to women.

  • The study could not find any relation between levels of testosterone and severity of Covid-19. This was however true for men.

  • Men with low levels of testosterone had the highest risk of being admitted on ventilator. This required intensive care or they passed away.

  • Scientists also used estrogen and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) during their course of study but could not establish relationship with severity.

  • Researchers consider race, Body Mass Index, smoking and comorbities as a contributing factor for low testosterone in males.

  • They have not been able to ascertain whether testosterone levels dropped due to Covid-19 or severity of Covid-19 increased due to lower levels of the hormone.



Testosterone is a hormone produced by human body, especially males in their testicles. Its functions include building sperm production, increasing sexual drive as well as sexual growth and body appearance.

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