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iSIM technology

Date: 22 January 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Qualcomm along with Vodafone and Thales have developed new technology known as iSIM.



The physical SIM cards have not undergone much of a change. The recently introduced eSIM has failed to get attraction.



  • The technology of a physical SIM card is embedded and integrated into a device’s main processor. SIM can be built-in the processor instead of a SIM card slot.

  • The iSIM complies with GSMA specifications and is similar to the eSIM technology. It will enhance performance and increases the memory capacity

Benefits of iSIM

  • iSIM can be used beyond mobile devices. They could be embedded in laptops, wearable devices, IoT devices and also virtual reality platforms.

  • By removing SIM card slot, more space will be available for innovation and design. The device will have capacity of SIM cards.



  • It will be particularly useful for IoT devices. Individual can stay connected securely to IoT platform through iSIM enabled device.

  • Since SIM cards will not at all be required, lots of plastics can be reduced. It will however need approval from telecom operators.


Existing devices

Currently, the technology is in initial concept and has just been demonstrated in a controlled environment. The initial experiment has showed potential for future applications.

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