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IHU variant of Covid-19

Date: 06 January 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


A newly discovered highly-mutated variant of Covid-19 called IHU is causing panic among people.



The new variant was discovered in France and has been officially designated as B.1.640.2. The variant is said to have 46 mutations, including some in the spike protein.



  • The new variant has been found in other countries as well apart from France. It is not a new one and has been around since more than 3 months.

  • The variant came back in news after a similar one was found among a group of travelers who had visited Cameron.

  • The newly discovered variant has been named IHU after it was found to have similarities to B.1.640, which was first discovered in January last year.


Spread of cases

  • About 427 cases have so far been registered across the globe. Majority of the cases are in France. There is also one case from India among 90,000 samples studied.

  • It has been identified across 19 countries of the world. There are about 17 cases from Germany and 16 from the United Kingdom. 

  • The B.1.640 variant had been classified by the WHO as variant under monitoring, or VUM. This means that the variant will be monitored with interest.



The initial studies have shown that the B.1.640 is not spreading at a rate that is concerning. It is not as dangerous as Omicron variant.

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