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Hong Kong orders to cull hamsters

Date: 24 January 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


About 2,000 hamsters will be culled in Hong Kong after 11 hamsters in the city tested positive for Covid-19.



Hong Kong is aggressively following the ‘zero covid’ strategy to tackle rise of Covid-19 infections in the country, especially animals to human transmissions.



  • As part of the strategy, the government has asked people visiting pet shops to quarantine themselves. It has asked owners of hamsters to handover their pets.

  • Many citizens have signed petitions asking government to take back its decision. Many individuals have hired private jets to take away their hamsters from the city.


Zero covid policy of China

  • China has been aggressively tackling covid infection breakout by barring flights from various parts of the world.

  • People have been asked to use masks and gloves before opening parcels coming from abroad after the source of omicron variant was found to be a parcel from Canada.

  • The panic among government authorities have resulted in China experiencing poor scores in global normalcy index, which tracks situations across the globe.


Government’s decision

  • The government says that its decision was based on scientific reasons and people should give up their irrational attitude.

  • Animal rights groups have criticized the move to cull hamsters as there are no concrete evidences to say that they transmit the infection.


Role of animal infections

  • Many animals have earlier tested positive for the virus. Denmark had culled its farmed mink population to prevent infection spread.

  • Studies say that risk of animals spreading the virus to humans is low. Humans can transmit virus to animals but more studies are required to confirm.

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