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Havana syndrome

Date: 08 December 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous


The mysterious neurological symptoms experienced by American diplomats in China and Cuba are in line with the effects of directed microwave energy, according to a long-awaited report by the National Academies of Sciences.



US and Canadian diplomats posted in Cuba and China have experienced mysterious neurological illness that was named as “Havana Syndrome”.



  • A team of medical and scientific experts who studied the symptoms of State Department and other government employees concluded that nothing like them had previously been documented in medical literature.

  • Many reported hearing a loud sound and feeling pressure in their heads, and then experienced dizziness, unsteady gait, and visual disturbances. Many suffered longstanding, debilitating effects.

  • The experts felt that many of the distinctive and acute signs, symptoms, and observations reported by (government) employees are consistent with the effects of directed, pulsed radio frequency (RF) energy.

  • In 2018, U.S. diplomats in China reported problems similar to those reported in Cuba, as well as undercover C.I.A. agents operating in other countries who were negotiating with those countries on ways to counter Russian covert operations around the world.

  • Research using mobile phone location data, had determined that some Russian intelligence agents who had worked on microwave weapons programs were present in the same cities at the same time that CIA officers suffered mysterious symptoms. 

  • Affected individuals described symptoms such as hearing loss, memory loss, and nausea. Speculation centered around a sonic weapon, with some researchers pointing to infrasound as a possible cause.

Havana syndrome

Date: 27 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The much-awaited visit of US Vice-President Kamala Harris to Vietnam was delayed due to emergence of a case of ‘Havana Syndrome’.



Havana syndrome is a name given to a mysterious illness that was observed in US diplomatic officials serving in Havana, capital of Cuba.



  • The travel was reportedly delayed after a case of Havana syndrome was apparently observed in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

  • Since the beginning of the cases, more than 200 US officials and their family members fell ill due to this mysterious illness.

  • Apart from US officials, Canadian diplomatic officials and staff also experienced such weird illness during their stay in Cuba.


Start of illness

  • The health condition was first reported in 2016, when diplomatic staff and US officials serving in Cuba started falling ill.

  • The patients were reportedly hearing strange sounds along with weird physical sensations different from any other condition.


Symptoms observed

The sufferers were experiencing severe headaches, nausea, hearing loss, dizziness, sleeping problems along with physical sensations in their hotel room or houses.


Investigation of the illness

  • The health condition was investigated by CIA, FBI, National Institutes of Health, US military and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention without conclusion.

  • Some of the researchers say that it was a psychological illness caused due to stressful environment of foreign missions.

  • A report in December 2020 indicated that the illness was caused by directed pulsed radio frequency (RF) energy.


Sources of such pulses

  • The report says that the energy were pulsed and directed at victims and not caused due to common exposure to microwave energy, such as, a mobile phone. 

  • The origination of buzzing sound from a particular direction and at a particular part of room further strengthened the theory.


Other incidents

Apart from Cuba, US diplomatic officials serving in Russia, Austria as well as Germany experienced the symptoms of Havana syndrome.

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