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Golden ratio in human skull

Date: 15 October 2019 Tags: Miscellaneous


A golden ratio has been discovered in the human skull, which has created fascination among researchers, who are trying to figure out mystery of the nature.



For centuries, the golden ratio has fascinated all kinds of people, not just mathematicians. Physicists and biologists have studied it, architects and artists have used it, and worshippers have described it as a divine design.



  • The golden ratio divides a line into two unequal parts. If we draw an arc across the top of the skull and divide it at a key junction over the brain, the two arc-segments are approximately in the golden ratio.

  • At a junction in skull called the bregma, which is the meeting point of two important connective tissue joints, the arc was divided into two sub-arcs that respectively accounted for 61.8% and 38.2% of the total arc length. The fractions observed were in golden ratio.

What is golden ratio?

  • golden-ratio-1-1.jpgSuppose a line is divided into two unequal segments. When the ratio between the two lengths (the longer segment divided by the shorter one) happens to be the same as the ratio between the entire line and the longer segment, then the line is said to be divided in the golden ratio.

  • For this condition to hold good, the ratio needs to be 1.61803… with the digits after the decimal going on forever.

  • The golden ratio is an irrational number and is represented by the Greek letter phi.

  • The golden ratio frequently shows itself in nature, whether directly or indirectly.

  • To cite a few examples, the golden ratio appears in the seeds of sunflowers, the scales of pineapples, the arrangement of petals on a rose, DNA structures, the anatomy of the heart etc.

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