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GMLR flyover

Date: 04 September 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Mumbai’s costliest flyover, Ghatkopar Mankhurd Link Road Flyover has partially been shut down within months of its inauguration.



The flyover was said to be a milestone in making travel time less between the designated areas. It however has attracted some criticism.



  • The surface of the road is said to be too slippery, which has led to bikes skidding on the road. Large number of bikes have undergone accidents including a fatal casualty.

  • Ghatkopar Mankhurd Link Road Flyover was built by the BMC. It is 2.9 km long and costs Rs 713 crore. It was currently opened for light vehicles.

  • The flyover reduces travelling time between Ghatkopar-Mankhurd Link Road by 25 minutes. It connects to the Vashi road.


Stoppage of traffic

  • During rains, multiple bikes skidded off the surface. There were complaints from the public that the quality of the construction was poor.

  • Recently a pillion rider lost his life after the bike he was travelling skidded during the rains. The incidents have been mainly from the northbound side.


Reasons for accidents

  • It is believed that the wrong use of mastic asphalt has made the road slippery. It is made up of bitumen or asphalt, fine aggregate like fine natural sand or soil.

  • Mastic asphalt is an upper surface coating and works as waterproofing material for roads and bridges. It is layered on the dense graded aggregate.

  • The top layer is constructed in such a way that it will provide friction between road and tyres, leading to gripping. In the present case, the top layer failed to do so.

  • The problem further intensifies during rains as water reduces the friction between the tyres and the road surface.


Reasons for using mastic asphalt

The mastic asphalt is waterproof and protects the road’s inner layers from water. This prevents formation of potholes and puddles.



The BMC is using the milling technique to remove the smoothness of the surface and give vehicles better grip to move on the road.

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