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Date: 05 January 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


The GitHub platform has been used once again to host a page named 'Bulli Bai' that showed Muslim women in bad light.



A similar page named ‘Sulli deals’ was seen few months back on the same GitHub platform.



The IT ministry sent a request to the coding platform to remove the derogatory page, after which the page has been removed.



  • The platform was launched by Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett, and Scott Chacon in 2007. It was acquired by Microsoft in 2018.

  • GitHub is a coding repository where software developers and coders can store their codes online. It is not a social media platform.

  • The platform contains a feature called ‘Git’ that shows changes made to software using version control, allowing greater coordination between multiple coders.



  • The platform is usually used by developers, coders and software engineers, but any lay person can open a free account on GitHub.

  • The coders can isolate parts of their codes according to the needs and later merge them after improving or fixing bugs.

  • The platform is extensively used for open-source software development where multiple coders can contribute to improve software.



Users can decide to remain anonymous while joining the platform as only email id is required for creating account.


The Bulli Bai app controversy

  • The word ‘bulli’ is a derogatory terms for certain section of people. Several photos of women belonging to Muslim community were uploaded on the platform for ‘auction’.

  • The women belonged to various professions such as activists, journalists as well as artists. A similar app called ‘Sulli deals’ was earlier hosted on the platform.

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