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Dravidian language link with Indus Valley Civilization

Date: 21 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Information about the linguistic culture of Harappans has recently been published in an international journal.



Archaeologists have studied Harappan culture in detail but have not yet deciphered the language they spoke or the script they used.



  • Scientists discovered relation between few of the words spoken by the Indus valley people and other cultures. They arrived at a conclusion that the language may have proto-Dravidian origin.

  • The proto-Dravidian language is the ancestor of the currently existing Dravidian languages spoken in the subcontinent.

  • The speakers of Dravidian language were having a wider geographical presence including the Indus valley civilization. They migrated southwards from their initial place of dwelling.


Other findings

  • An independent researcher based the study on the trade relations between Indus valley and Mesopotamia, including the Gulf of Persia.

  • She looked for eastern texts of these civilizations and tried to locate foreign words used in the texts.

  • The idea is that if a product or commodity is not produced locally, it is known by its foreign name from where it is sourced.

  • Akkadian language refers elephant as ‘p?ru’/‘p?ri’, which may have originated from IVC. Since these words do not have any local origin, they may have been borrowed.

  • In several Dravidian languages p?luru, pallava, pella and pilu signify elephant. The word may have undergone variation to become p?ru’ in foreign tongues.

  • Previous studies have also shown that genes of IVC people carried Y-chromosome haplogroup H1a1d2. This is present in majority of south-Indians.

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