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Device turning seawater into drinking water

Date: 04 May 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


 A portable desalination unit has been developed by researchers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).



  • The machine weighs about 10kg and has ability to remove particles and salts to generate drinking water.

  • The device is in form of a suitcase and uses very minimal amount of electricity to perform the process. It uses less electricity than normal cell phone charger.

  • The quality of the drinking water produced by the machine exceeds World Health Organization (WHO) quality standards. A single button operation runs the device.



  • It does not make use of any filters to clean water. This reduces the long-term maintenance requirements.

  • It makes use of electric power to perform filtering. Solar energy can be used to perform electric filtration process in the device.



  • Can be deployed in remote and severely resource-limited areas

  • It could be used to aid refugees fleeing natural disasters

  • Used by soldiers carrying out long-term military operations



  • It makes use of a technique called ion concentration polarization. The process applies an electrical field that causes positively or negatively charged particle to be repelled.

  • This removes salt molecules, bacteria, viruses, which are usually negatively charged. The charged particles move into a second stream of water that is eventually discharged. It removes all solids.



  • The device reduces the number of solid suspended materials in water by a factor of 10.

  • It produces 0.3 litres of drinkable water per hour.

  • It only requires 20 watts of power per litre to produce water.

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