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CT scan for Covid symptoms

Date: 04 May 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Large number of people are standing outside CT scan centres to check if they are in infected with Covid-19.



Covid-19 infection can be confirmed by various methods including RT-PCR but CT scans also offer greater insight into severity of the infection.



  • Patients with mild and severe symptoms have been visiting Ct scan centres to assess their infection while negative patients with symptoms are also interested.

  • Doctors usually recommend patients with severe and worsening conditions for CT scan to check the magnitude of infections.

  • They suggest that patients whose symptoms are not subsiding even after a week or those with oxygen level below 95 should get their CT scans done.


Need for CT scans

  • CT scans make use of multiple X-rays and computer generated process to give a picture of body or any of the part.

  • It is more precise and shows better insights than normal X-ray scans. People without serious concerns should avoid exposing their body to such unnecessary radiations.

  • People with mild symptoms may transmit their infection to other patients visiting the centre and thus should avoid scans without report of the doctor.


CT scan

  • A CT scan is a technique used for medical imaging that uses rotating X-ray machines to provide more detailed information of the body.

  • CT scans have the ability to show blood vessels, soft tissues, and bones in various parts of the body.

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