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Covid-19 vaccine booster shots

Date: 12 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Many countries have decided to give booster doses to their population to counter the waning antibody effects of the vaccines with time.



Vaccines have been successful in tackling multiple virus variants but their efficacies have reduced. Booster shots are expected to increase the immunity period.



  • Countries such as Bahrain, UAE and Thailand are planning to provide booster shots as majority of their population are inoculated.

  • Britain is also expected to give booster shots to individuals above the age of 50 years. Pfizer has already reached out to regulators for getting permission for booster shots.

  • Several institutes have said that there is no enough data to recommend a booster shot for citizens.


Booster shots

  • Booster shot consists of the same vaccine that is given after a certain time of both doses to increase the longetivity of immune protection.

  • The vaccine shot may contain a weakened form of virus or a blueprint of virus that will trigger immune system to act against the real virus.

  • The booster shot can also be modified so that it can give protection against newer versions of the initial virus.

  • These shots are only for fully vaccinated individuals and variety of factors will be taken care before deciding eligibility.

  • It is not necessary that individual has to take same vaccine for booster. They can opt for another one, which offers more protection.

  • The need for booster has been felt after the Delta plus variant was able to sneak past antibodies produced by vaccines.

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