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Covid-19 cases hit record high

Date: 28 December 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A new high of Covid-19 cases have been registered in China. Majority of the cases have been observed from northwestern Shaanxi province.



This was the highest daily count in China since the middle of June. The government has been forced to put the whole city under lockdown.



  • China has recorded about 1.3 lakh infections till now. It records daily cases in mostly single or double digits.

  • The recent discovered cases have not been known to have caused from Omicron or any other variant.

  • The biggest wave in China occurred in May when daily cases between 500-600 were detected.

  • The government has deployed state government employees to join frontline anti-epidemic workers in a bid to contain the outbreak.


Restrictions across the world

The Omicron variant has spread uncontrollably in parts of US and also most parts of Europe. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have imposed fresh restrictions.


Infections in children

The hospitalization of children infected with the virus has seen a four-fold increase between December 5 and now in some states of US such as New York.

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