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Coronavirus impact on brain

Date: 14 October 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous


Recent studies have explored the neurological effects of COVID-19 on patients. Research says that neurologic manifestations were present in nearly a third of the COVID-19 patients studied.



The study, published in Neurology, was conducted across 11 hospitals and included 64 patients, out of which 43 were men and 21 were women.



  • Ischemic strokes, leptomeningeal enhancement and encephalitis were the most common neuroimaging findings.

  • Confusion was the most common neurologic manifestation experienced by 53 percent of the patients, followed by impaired consciousness (39 percent), presence of clinical signs of corticospinal tract involvement, agitation, and headache.

  • The study examined neurological manifestations in over 509 patients in a hospital network in Chicago, Illinois. This study found neurological manifestations in 215 patients at the onset of the disease, in 319 patients at hospitalisation, and at any time during the course of the disease in 419 patients.

  • As per the study, the most frequent neurologic manifestations were myalgias, headaches, encephalopathy, dizziness, dysgeusia, and anosmia.

  • Further, the researchers found that strokes and movement disorders were uncommon among this cohort of patients, while 26.3 percent of the patients required mechanical ventilation.

  • The findings from the study imply that patients with COVID-19 can develop a wide range of neurologic manifestations, which may be associated with severe and fatal complications such as stroke and encephalitis.

  • On the other hand, the study implies that neurologic manifestations occur in most hospitalised COVID-19 patients.

  • Researchers also conclude that encephalopathy was found to be associated with increased mortality and morbidity, “independent of disease severity”.

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