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Cornea tests to identify long covid

Date: 30 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A study of human cornea can help scientists to identify potential nerve damage and future chances of long covid.



Covid-19 is said to affect human body on a long term, including harming major organs such as brain, heart, kidneys etc.



  • Patients with neurological symptoms are most likely to be affected by long covid. This can be identified through corneal confocal microscopy.

  • Other indications obtained include presence of large number of immune cells and also loss of nerve fibre on the surface of cornea.


The study

  • Neurological symptoms such as loss of smell, taste, brain fog, dizziness, numbness, neurological pain were all signs of long covid.

  • Cornea scan was performed on all the patients. The results were analyzed to see if there were small damage to nerve fibres and decrease in dendritic cells.

  • The patients were made to answer questionnaire to collect information on neurological, dermatological, psychological, gastrointestinal, throat, nose and eye symptoms post covid.

  • Neurological symptoms were detected after four months of getting diagnosed of covid-19. This provides insight into evolution of human immunity.

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