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Controlling tuberculosis through sniffing Vaccine

Date: 09 September 2019 Tags: Miscellaneous


A new way of delivering TB vaccine through nasal cavity has been tried where the medicine is in the form of aerosol. The efficiency of vaccine has been found to be equally effective.



Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine is the most commonly used medication against TB currently. The problem lies with the delivery. while BCG is good for children, it may not be as effective in adults, who get TB of the lungs.

People react to BCG with some fever and also skin itching at the injection spot, making it uncomfortable to use.



  • Actually, the whole germ is not needed for antibody generation. Even a part of the molecule is enough for the generation of antibodies by the B Cells.

  • A group of researchers has been creatively using these principles to generate an inhalable vaccine against TB.

  • The Scientists administered the synthesised product through the nose of mice. The mice were then infected with Mtb and, after a few weeks the lungs and spleens of the infected mice was tested.

  • The bacterial load was found to be substantially low proving that aerosol administration of medical compound was as protective as a vaccine.


  • Using this route needs no needles, does not need clinically trained persons, cuts down waste and is lower in cost.

  • This method also provides greater accuracy for treating the disease by directly acting on the pulmonary tract.

How immunity works

  • When pathogenic organism invades the body, it uses a molecule to pierce through and then multiplies to cause havoc.

  • The so-called B Cells there synthesise proteins called antibodies which bind with the invader and disable it. Plus, the host stores this mechanism for future, in case the pathogen attacks at a later time. 

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