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Chip fingerprint technology for safer transactions

Date: 15 September 2019 Tags: Miscellaneous


 IIT Bombay researchers have developed a technology that can be used for protecting chips of devices through fingerprint like identity.This is known as a physically unclonable function.



The emergence of Internet of Things has brought in, rather urgently, a need for low-cost security technology. While passwords and other such forms of encryption are software-based, there is also a need for security at the hardware level.



  • Secure transactions demand security at various levels. For example, credit card has a chip attached to it and the identity is downloaded with the card.

  • To prevent the card from being cloned, the chip has to have an electronic fingerprint-like identity.

  •  Unlike an optical image of a fingerprint that can be lifted easily, this electronic fingerprint has several layers, thus making cloning hard. Such an identity is what the researchers have developed.

  • This technology is currently being developed for Defense Research and Development Organisation , which can enhance its reputation if it succeeds in its working.


  • Increases security in digital transactions by securing chip identity.

  • Creation of indegenous technology that can reduce cost cutting in manufacture of devices.

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