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Can alcohol prevent Coronavirus infection?

Date: 03 April 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous


Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, advice and theories have been circulating around social media that drinking alcohol offers protection against the novel coronavirus.



WHO has said, alcohol should always be consumed in moderation and people who do not drink alcohol should not start drinking in an attempt to prevent the infection.



  • Alcohol releases chemicals that reduce anxiety, so it may not be harmful to drink in moderation,  one or two a day, to relieve stress and boredom, especially for those confined to their homes.

  • Drinking in excess, however, can end up weakening the body against a coronavirus, or even killing the drinker, as it did in the Iran binge.

  • While the novel coronavirus is still being studied, research on other virus outbreaks has shown that excessive alcohol affects immune function.

  • Excessive drinkers have been seen to be vulnerable to, in particular, respiratory illness and pneumonia. They also take longer to recover from infection.

  • Excessive alcohol can also damage the lungs, which are one of the areas the novel coronavirus affects. Not just COVID-19, even those who have caught the common flu or a cold should avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

  • There is an argument against drinking too much to fight depression too. While alcohol’s effect on the central nervous system has been observed as leading to a reduction of anxiety, this lasts only as long as the alcohol lasts in the blood.

  • Later, when the level of alcohol in the blood returns to zero, the nervous system becomes overactive trying to restore the chemicals in the blood to the earlier concentrations. That can leave the drinker anxious as ever.

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