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Atmospheric water generator

Date: 17 December 2019 Tags: Miscellaneous


The  South Central Railway has installed “Atmospheric Water Generator” kiosk in Secunderabad Railway station.



This kiosk is installed as part of the green initiatives & water conservation measures and developed under “make in India” concept by ‘Maithri Aquatech’ and named as “MEGHDOOT”.




  • In this system, instead of taking source water for filtration and consumption, the water is directly harvested from the air through a series of steps.

  • Under this, air flows into the machine through a filtration system duly filtering out the contaminants present in the moisture laden air.

  • Then the filtered air passes through cooling chamber where in the air will be condensed. The condensed air is converted into water and drops into a storage tank provided for the purpose.

  • The dropped water from the tank passes through multiple level filtration which removes odour and any other impurities and then it passes through Ultra Violet (UV) system.

  • The filtered water is dosed with essential minerals which are beneficial before it can be dispensed for consumption.

  • The water produced under this system fulfils the WHO norms and also Indian standards for consumption. It is also approved by Ministry of Jal Shakti as a safe and healthy drinking water.


  • Industries which require travel, such as the military, can use an atmospheric water generator to create water when resources run low.

  • One of the biggest advantages of Atmospheric Water Generators are the cost efficiency of the device.There is no additional operating expenses, and because the atmospheric water generator is autonomous.

  • There are no contamination by heavy metals or microbes as in the case of ground or surface water sources.


Working model

Atmospheric water generator upsc optional

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