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Aphasia condition

Date: 01 April 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Actor Bruce Willis has decided to step away from acting after he was diagnosed with a condition known as aphasia.



Aphasia is a brain disorder that causes problems with speaking, reading and writing. It is very little known and causes are also not clear.



  • Aphasia is caused due to stroke, tumor, head injury or other damage to the language centers of the brain on the left side. It can also be triggered by Alzheimer’s disease.

  • About 2 million Americans are affected and nearly 180,000 get the disorder every year. It provides a huge challenge to people involved in writing or speaking.



  • Expressive aphasia

In this form, patients understand things well but have trouble getting words out. They will be forced to use small incomplete sentences.


  • Receptive aphasia

In this form, patients can speak words easily, but they might not be the right words. It is difficult for them to understand what they are hearing.



The disorder is most common due to stroke, which cuts off blood to part of the brain. Brain cells die without oxygen and nutrients.



The sentence of the patient starts becoming shorter. At some point they are not able to say anything.



  • People suffering from the disorder will find it difficult to organize words. They are unable to express their thoughts through speech.

  • Intelligence is not affected and people improve dramatically in some cases.


Preventive measures

  • Preventive measures are aimed at protecting brain health and ensuring healthy diet. Smoking has to be avoided.

  • Health risks that can cause stroke such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes have to be prevented.



  • Speech and language therapy can help. People can use new methods to communicate.

  • New treatment methods are being studied by researchers that include magnetic pulses to stimulate brain cells.

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