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Airborne Covid-19 transmission

Date: 22 May 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The government has issued new advisory regarding the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from person to person.



The earlier assumption was that virus could only travel up to a distance of 6 feet. Subsequent study showed that virus can travel further away.



  • The new advisory says that virus can travel up to distance of 10 metres in form of aerosols. This is particularly true for enclosed spaces.

  • The virus spreads mainly through droplets when an individual is sneezing, talking, coughing or any other activity.

  • Since the virus is heavy, it was assumed that it could travel a maximum distance of 6 feet (2 metres) before falling on the ground.

  • Small Particles of solid that are suspended in air are called as aerosols. They are now the biggest reason for spreading of infection.

  • They can transmit virus over longer distance and also remains for relatively more time in air. This increases the chances for infection.


New advisory

  • The government says that droplets coming from an infected person fall within 6 feet but aerosols can transport them further.

  • Other form of infection source can be surfaces where aerosols or droplets fall, which later is picked up by healthy individual. These cases have become very rare.


Protective measures

  • Improvement in ventilation in indoor places such as offices, public spaces and homes so that aerosols do not stay afloat for a longer duration.

  • Reduction in number of people in a closed door setting. This will help in reducing the chances of infection spread.

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