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Shutting parks before rainy season helps Tigers

Date: 26 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The Uttarakhand government has said that the two Tiger reserves in the state will remain open throughout the year for tourism activities.



Uttarakhand has Corbett and Rajaji Tiger reserves. These reserves used to close for 4-5 months during monsoon.



  • Experts have said that the decision by the government will have an effect on mating habits of the Tigers, which usually takes place during monsoon.

  • The exact dates for closing and opening of the parks vary due to topography, climate and quality of forest.

  • In other Tiger reserves, Ranthambore remains open for about 9 months as it receives less rainfall whereas Kaziranga has to close for about 6 months.


Tiger breeding

  • Tiger can breed throughout the year, contrary to belief that it breeds during monsoons. They come to fertile period every 21 days, even when cub dies pre-maturely.

  • Indian studies have shown that Tigers prefer breeding during the autumn-spring period. Breeding during rainy season is not preferred.


Shutting of Tiger reserves

  • It is due to the inaccessibility for humans that had kept these forests closed. During rains, the tracks and ways are washed away. This also provided time for animal population to recover during hunting days.

  • National parks throughout the world have a specific period for their closure. It may be due to snowfall or dryness, which can cause forest fires.

  • It will also provide other species to increase their population and maintain ecological balance. The low disturbance period will help wildlife.

  • Monsoon months are most vulnerable for animals as trophy hunter prefer this time for their poaching. Diverting guards for tourism activities will threaten Tiger and other animals.

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