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Record rains in Delhi

Date: 22 May 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


National capital Delhi has witnessed a record rainfall in the past few days. It has been attributed to convergence of Western Disturbance and Cyclone.



India has seen emergence of a high intensity Cyclone few days back, that has travelled up to the northern plains including Delhi.



  • The Western disturbance, a non-monsoon weather pattern was moving towards Delhi from the Western Himalayas.

  • The convergence of this with the Cyclonic weather caused the rains to lash out at the Capital. This led to various weather related problems.


Rains in Delhi

  • Delhi receives rainfall during monsoon. Its intensity varies but is mostly moderate. It also sometimes receives pre-monsoon showers.

  • The cyclone arriving at the same time during western disturbance is very rare. This phenomenon took place and led to the record rains.


Western disturbance

The Western disturbance is an extra-tropical storm that originates over high pressure regions near Mediterranean and brings sudden rains over various parts of India.


Cyclonic storm

A cyclonic storm is a tropical low pressure wind system that originates over sea and moves towards land, bringing strong winds and heavy rainfall.

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