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Plastic ban in odisha

Date: 03 October 2019 Tags: Miscellaneous


Odisha state government has banned use of plastic bags from all urban areas according to a notification released by the government on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.



Manufacture, sale, trade, import, storage, transportation and distribution of single-use plastics are prohibited as per a notification issued by the goverment.



  • The ban is imposed on polythene carry bags of any shape, thickness and size (excluding compostable), Polyethylene Terephthalate (Pet/Pete) bottles of less than 200 ml capacity.
  • The vendors will not be allowed to use polythene sheets of less than 50-micron thickness for storing, transporting, dispensing or packaging of any article or commodity.


Plastic pollution

  • Plastic pollution can afflict land, waterways and oceans. It is estimated that large scale plastic waste enters the ocean from coastal communities each year. 
  • Living organisms, particularly marine animals, can be harmed either by mechanical effects, such as entanglement in plastic objects, problems related to ingestion of plastic waste, or through exposure to chemicals within plastics that interfere with their physiology.
  • Effects on humans include disruption of various hormonal mechanisms.


Threats posed by plastic pollution

  • Upsets food chain

Polluting plastics even affect the world’s tiniest organisms such as plankton. When these organisms become poisoned due to plastic ingestion, this causes problems for the larger animals that depend on them for food.

  • Groundwater pollution

World’s water is in great danger because of leaking plastics and waste.  Groundwater and reservoirs are susceptible to leaking environmental toxins.

  • Air pollution

Burning of plastic in the open air, leads to environmental pollution due to the release of poisonous chemicals. The polluted air when inhaled by humans and animals affect their health and can cause respiratory problems.

  • Expensive

It costs millions of dollars each year to clean affected areas after exposure, not to mention the loss of life to plants, animals, and people.

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