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Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

Date: 08 September 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Divers have been looking for leaking oil pipelines to find the source of leakages in Gulf of Mexico.



The Super Hurricane Ida had stuck the Gulf coast of USA, damaging pipelines off the coast of Louisiana.



  • The generation and extraction of oil from Gulf of Mexico has created many infrastructures such as pipes, wells and other energy constituents.

  • The US Coast Guard had asked oil company Talos Energy to clean up the spill as it was believed that it originated from an old pipelines owned by the company.

  • The company says that it does not own the three damaged pipelines. It however has continued its process of cleanup.


Origin of the oil leak

  • Divers employed by Talos Energy have found a broken 12-inch pipeline, not owned by company. The pipeline looks as if displaced from original position.

  • The company says that it ceased all operations in the area in 2017. All the oil wells used by the company have been sealed and pipes removed.


Current status

  • The rate of discharge of oil onto the surface has been reduced considerably from the past couple of days.

  • The nature of the oil discharged is also not black crude. There have been efforts made to repair all existing unused oil pipelines.

  • Companies such as Cox Oil, Cantium, and Energy XXI GOM operate similar pipelines near the area. Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell also has their oil pipelines.

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