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Massive spider webs in Australia

Date: 18 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Large sheets of spider webs have emerged after a series of rains and floods that stuck the southeastern state of Victoria in Australia.



Australia is one of the most unique continents with its diverse flora and fauna. But it is also very vulnerable to climate change.



  • The unique phenomenon was visible in Gippsland region of the state. The spiders may have used a technique called “ballooning”.

  • Ballooning is a survival technique in which spiders throw the spider silk and tries to latch on to it in order to escape towards higher grounds.


Reasons for massive webs

  • Victoria state had experienced heavy rains and consequent flash floods, that caused widespread damage to property and natural surroundings.

  • To escape from the flash floods, spiders threw their web to higher trees so that they can climb above the ground.

  • Since most of the spiders did this together, it created long sheets of web that looks unique to the particular area.

  • Spiders in this area have been using this method to escape dangerous situations. The silk variety is very light and can be used as a balloon to transport spiders to higher trees.


Animal havoc

  • The variety of spiders is not dangerous but their bites can cause irritation and require treatment.

  • A recent mice rain had caused havoc in some parts of the country, which forced the government to use a restricted poison.

  • The government also carried out a culling of camels that were introduced long back in the country. They allege that these camels can cause scarce reserves of food and water.

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