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Heatwave in Maharashtra

Date: 02 April 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Heatwaves are spreading over parts of Maharashtra including Vidarbha region, north-central Maharashtra and Marathwada region.



This is the second heatwave spell in Maharashtra in the month of March after a spell over coastal region.



The heatwave conditions are likely to persist until April 2. Many parts of Vidarbha have already seen temperatures soaring over 40 degree Celsius.



  • Heatwave is a condition in which the maximum temperature reaches at least 40 degrees Celsius or more for plains and at least 30 degrees Celsius or more for hilly regions. 

  • The India Meteorological Department (IMD) declares a heatwave when maximum temperatures range between 4.5 and 6 degrees.

  • If maximum temperature departure over normal is over 6.4 degrees Celsius, a severe heatwave is declared.

  • The IMD declares heatwave and severe heatwave if the area records over 45 degrees and 47 degrees Celsius on any given day.


Reasons for the heatwave

  • Dry and hot winds from northwest region of India entering interior Maharashtra has caused temperatures to soar.

  • The temperatures have refused to come down due to lack of pre-monsoon showers in that part of the country.


Unusual condition

  • March is usually the transition phase towards summers and temperatures rise gradually over time. However, heatwave started in early March.

  • Heatwaves are common is Northern plains between March and June. Such conditions occur mainly during month of May in Vidarbha region.


Future forecast

  • A heatwave spell is likely over the Northwest, Central and West India (including Konkan, Marathwada and Madhya Maharashtra).

  • There are chances of gradual rise in temperatures by 2-4°C over the next few days.

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