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Devastating floods in Germany

Date: 20 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Unprecedented rainfall has caused floods in Germany, leaving hundreds of people dead and thousands displaced.



The event is said to be the worst disaster that has struck Germany in more than a hundred years.



  • A village called Schuld was the worst hit with large number of houses collapsing due to flood waters. Many people are dead and others have not been traced.

  • The event comes days after European Union announced measures to cut carbon emissions by 55 percent in the next decade.


Cause for floods

  • The floods occurred due to storm that caused heavy rains in the region. The rains flooded streams and river, causing them to overflow and flood cities and towns.

  • Floods majorly took place in river Ahr. The soil in the region could not absorb excess water, causing the banks to break down and inundate surroundings.

  • While floods were seen in Switzerland, Belgium and other regions, the effect was more profound in Germany.

  • The areas of North Rhine-Westphalia were one of the effected ones. Towns and villages have come under the effects of floods. The low pressure event responsible for rains is called “Bernd”.


Link to climate change

  • There is no clear evidence of these events with climate change. However, such record-breaking disasters are increasing across the globe.

  • Some climate scientists feel that the intensity of floods and rains were very high. This may be due to effects climate change.

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