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Chennai’s heaviest rainfall since 2015

Date: 09 November 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Several residential and commercial neighbourhoods in Chennai city were flooded with water due to heavy rains.



The rainfall has been termed heaviest since 2015. It occurred as a result of a low pressure over the Bay of Bengal.



  • People living on the low-lying banks of the surplus canal were issued alerts to shift to higher elevation areas.

  • The government is expected to release excessive water from Puzhal reservoir and Chembarambakkam reservoir.


The rain intensity

  • Rain recorders showed that the city and suburbs received 21.5 cm and 11.3 cm rains respectively by 8.30am on Sunday.

  • Similar episode of heavy rains was witnessed in 2015 when the city received 24.6 cm rainfall in 24 hours, breaking a previous record set in 2005.

  • The maximum rainfall received by the city in 24 hrs was in November 1976, when it had received 45.2cm of rainfall.


Role of north-east monsoon

  • Coastal districts of Tamil Nadu receive 60% of the annual rainfall and interiors 40-50% of the annual rainfall from the North East monsoon.

  • Chennai receives majority of its rainfall during the months of October, November and December in form of North-east monsoon.

  • Other states depend on south-west monsoons for their rains but Tamil Nadu banks on North-east monsoon for sufficient rains.

  • The south-west monsoon ensures that ground water level is maintained in the state after dry months. The North-east monsoon elevates the ground water table.


Upcoming predictions

  • There is a likelihood of low pressure over the Bay of Bengal travelling towards northern Tamil Nadu coast with moderate rain in the coming days.

  • There is a likelihood of winds blowing off the Tamil Nadu coast and south Andhra Pradesh coast in the upcoming days.

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