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Carbon watch

Date: 23 February 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Chandigarh became the first state or Union Territory in India to launch Carbon Watch, a mobile application to assess the carbon footprint of an individual.



Although the app can be accessed by everyone, it has specific options for the residents of Chandigarh to compile a detail study.



  • Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases-especially carbon dioxide-released into the atmosphere by a particular human activity. 

  • Individual will need to fill details in four parts — Water, Energy, Waste Generation, and Transport (Vehicular movement). In the category of Water, the person will be required to inform about the consumption of water.

  • In the Energy category, the details regarding the electricity units consumed every month at the house, monthly bill etc and usage of solar energy will have to be furnished.

  • In the Waste category, the individual will need to inform about the waste generation on their part and their family.

  • In the transport section, the individual will have to inform about the mode of transport used by them- four wheeler, two-wheeler or bicycle.

  • With the mentioned information, the mobile application will automatically calculate the carbon footprint of the individual.

  • The application will also provide information such as the national and world average of the emission, and the individual’s level of emission generation.


Reason for the app

  • The mobile application will suggest methods to reduce the carbon footprints. The application will suggest ways as per the information furnished by the individuals.

  • It also suggests remedial actions and sensitises people about their lifestyle emissions, their impact, and possible countermeasures to mitigate the same.

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