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Bio-enzymes from Kinnow

Date: 23 October 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Farmers from Kinnow growing regions of Punjab have been developing bio-enzymes from the fallen fruit.



Kinnow is one of the major non-cereal crops of Punjab. The fallen fruits are usually considered a waste but have significant value.



  • The fallen Kinnow fruits have the ability to improve soil, water, air, depleting ground water, water contamination and overall ecology. 

  • The enzymes produced from this fruit can prevent indiscriminate usage of chemical sprays of fungicides and bacterial diseases on crops.



  • Bio-enzyme is a type of organic solution that is obtained from fermentation of various fruits, vegetable peels and flowers.

  • The organic waste is fermented by adding sugar, jaggery/molasses and water. It takes about 60-100 days to prepare the solution. Yeast culture can be added to fasten the process.



Every plant and fruits have a unique fragrance which attracts pests. The enzyme hides the fragrance of plant, thus preventing pests from getting attracted.



The enzyme has shown good results against bacterial diseases like black rot, bacterial canker on crops like cabbage broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, kale, turnip, radish and oilseeds etc.


Importance for Punjab

  • Water contamination and pH imbalance is a major challenge faced by farmers of Punjab. The enzyme balances the pH and improves soil fertility.

  • Soil fertility not only helps increase in output but also enhances the porous nature of the soil to help in recharging of ground water.

  • The fallen fruits management is also time consuming. Without burying fallen fruits, new pests and insects get attracted to them and they also attack healthy fruits.

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