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Tibetan election for parliament-in-exile

Date: 21 November 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous


Over 1.3 lakh Tibetans living in exile and settled across India and other parts of the globe shall be electing their next Parliament-in-Exile, called Central Tibetan Administration.



The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile (TPiE) has its headquarters in Dharamsala, in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.



  • Till 2006, it used to be called as Assembly of Tibetan People’s Deputies (ATPDs) with the chairman as its head and a vice-chairman after which it was changed to Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile headed by a Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

  • The Central Tibetan Administration exists and functions on the basis of the Constitution of the Tibetan government called the ‘The Charter of the Tibetans in Exile’.

  • In 1991, The Constitution Redrafting Committee instituted by the Dalai Lama prepared the Charter for Tibetans in exile.

  • Till 2001, the Dalai Lama used to suggest three names for each post of Kalon (minister in the Cabinet) and the Assembly selected one each. 

  • In 2001, the amendment of the Charter facilitated direct election of the Kalon Tripa by the Tibetans in exile. The directly elected Kalon Tripa then nominated the Kalons with subsequent approval of the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile.

  • The 2021 elections will be held to elect the president and 45 members of the TPiE. Only Tibetans living outside the subcontinent will elect their MPs based on their current geographic location. Besides MPs, voters will make their choice of the President as well.



  • The Kashag (Cabinet) is Central Tibetan Administration’s highest executive office and comprise seven members.

  • It is headed by the Sikyong (political leader) who is directly elected by the exiled Tibetan population. Sikyong, subsequently nominates his seven Kalons (ministers) and seeks the parliament’s approval. The Kashag’s term is for five years.

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