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Nepal’s political crisis

Date: 24 December 2020 Tags: Miscellaneous


 Nepal Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli recommended dissolution of the House of Representatives, the lower of Parliament.



This move has plunged national politics into turmoil and the five-year-old Constitution into uncertainty. This has effectively ended the unity forced among the left forces.



  • Oli took the step when he realised that a factional feud within the party had reached the point of no return and he faced possible expulsion both as party chief and as Prime Minister.

  • His move has created bitterness between the breakaway communist group he leads and other parties. Oli got his followers to highjack the party office, effectively bringing it under his control.

  • But with Parliament dissolved and with a President seen as favourable to him, Oli will have the power to rule without being accountable to none.



  • Prachanda led the Maoist insurgency for a decade (1996-2006) before joining mainstream politics.  Oli was a fierce critic of the politics of violence.

  • Oli had approached the Maoists in 2017 for a merger between their parties, pre-empting the possibility of an alliance between the Maoists and the Nepali Congress that may have come in the way of Oli’s prime ministerial ambitions.

  • Following the merger, the two leaders agreed that they would lead the government by turn, a promise that Oli did not honour at the end of his two-and-a-half years.


  • The opposition Nepali Congress and the Madhes-based Janata Samajbadi Party have reasons to hope than an early poll will earn them a bigger space in Parliament.

  • China is seen as having lobbied, visible or secret, to prevent the split. China has also invested in crucial sectors like trade and Investment, energy, tourism and post-earthquake reconstruction, and is Nepal’s biggest FDI contributor.

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